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Expert GRP Product Manufacturers for Your Building Needs - Wessex Building Products

Wessex Building Products, a leader among GRP manufacturers, offers over 30 years of expertise in creating a wide array of GRP products. Our selection ranges from GRP roofing solutions to custom architectural elements, making us the preferred GRP suppliers for diverse construction needs.

GRP Architectural Solutions:

Explore our tailored architectural GRP solutions, including bespoke GRP door surrounds and entrance columns. Explore our range of GRP products today.

GRP Materials for Construction Professionals:

As top-tier GRP suppliers, we provide durable, cost-effective GRP construction materials. Our products are known for their quality and versatility in various construction applications. Contact us for custom GRP solutions tailored to your needs.

Self-Builders' Guide to GRP Products:

Our GRP products, celebrated for their ease of installation and maintenance, are ideal for self-build projects. We continually update our offerings to include the latest innovations in GRP technology.


  • "Wessex Building Products is a total game-changer! As a project manager, they made my life easy. Top-notch team, top-notch facilities—our project was a breeze. They're not just a supplier; they're your success partners. Give them a shout for a stress-free, successful project!"

Stay Connected with Wessex - Your Go-To GRP Suppliers:

Keep up to date with our latest GRP building and roofing products. For personalized solutions or inquiries, call our team at 01747 871232.

About Wessex Building Products - A Legacy in GRP Manufacturing:

As renowned GRP manufacturers, we have been part of prestigious building projects across the UK. Our in-house design capabilities set us apart, offering clients bespoke solutions that meet their specific needs.

Partner with Leading GRP Manufacturers and Suppliers:

Choose Wessex Building Products for all your GRP building requirements. We are committed to delivering exceptional, custom GRP solutions. Ready to start your project? Reach out to our GRP experts now.

Featured Categories

GRP Quick-Fix Entrance Door Canopies
GRP Canopies
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Tough durable GRP canopies manufactured in a lightweight material. With easy installation and virtually maintenance-free.

Our range of entrance door canopies and porch canopies have been developed as an effective feature for your front door as well as allowing individual tastes to be expressed for both refurbishment and new-build projects.

GRP Quickstack Prefabricated Chimneys
GRP Chimneys
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Quickstack is the name to remember for your GRP chimneys.

Designed to provide an effective alternative to traditional on site chimney construction methods as well as offering the benefit of an increased floor area within the home.

Supplied ready for on-site use and clad with a choice of brick, stone or concrete block.

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