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Corporate Responsibility Statement

At Wessex Building Products our definition of Corporate Responsibility is simple; we believe that every business, and every individual within those businesses, has a responsibility to make the future a better place.

Wessex BPS Client Promise
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We will provide further contact details including the name and email address/es of the Team Member/s directly involved in your project.

Team Members will:
Advise and update you regularly regarding your project. Be available when you wish to contact them or re-contact you on the same day. Check that you are fully informed regarding outstanding drawing approvals, upcoming delivery dates and other important logistical matters.

Ensuring your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will acknowledge all of your instructions in writing. If we are unable to comply with your instructions we will immediately contact you to explain why and to seek the best outcome with you.

Deliveries to site will arrive on suitable vehicles taking into account any active site restrictions. Heavy products such as QUICKSTACK brick-slip-chimneys will be delivered on timber pallets suitable for off-loading by fork lift and/or with lifting eyes attached to enable off-loading via crane. Medium weight products such as dormer window surrounds will have timber inserts to enable off-loading by fork lift and also to enable craning into position with strops. Light weight products such as entrance canopies will be suitably packed for manual handling.

All product weights will be notified to you prior to deliveries taking place. Should unforeseen problems arise that effect a delivery we will notify you immediately to inform you of what the problem is and to advise you of our proposed solution.

Your confidential information will be fully regarded as such by us. Commercial, technical and financial information supplied to us will be treated in the strictest confidence at all times and no confidential information will be passed to any third party unless you specifically request us to do so in writing. Any personal information we hold will be treated and managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

Wessex BPS Travel Policy
Our road map: The reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions caused by staff commuting, business travel and deliveries of both goods out and goods in.

Our route:
The provision of a secure bicycle parking facility to encourage local employees to cycle to work.
To encourage the use of Public Transport or car sharing amongst employees who travel some distance to work.
Business trips only when genuinely necessary, and then the train to take precedents over a car or plane.
Hire vehicles, especially delivery vehicles, to be no larger than required, fuel efficient and preferably low emission.
Company cars to be low emission and fuel efficient.

All raw material requirements to be sourced from as close to the depot as practically possible. Forward planning of regular raw material requirements to ensure a significant reduction in the number of goods inwards deliveries. Small and single item orders to be avoided unless urgent.

Dispatch to make full use of the post code banded delivery planner in order to maximise product delivery efficiency and reduce individual trips. Carriers to be used for small and single item deliveries.

Monitoring progress and reporting on performance:
Use of the secure bicycle parking facility will be monitored for take up, and distance traveling employees will be asked to voluntarily report on their travel arrangements.

Company car, delivery vehicle and hire vehicle costs will be analysed and compared with previous year costs in order to monitor and record reduced fuel usage in individually defined groups as well as the whole. The results will be reported to all employees via internal notice boards.

The Directors are fully committed to encouraging and actively assisting our team in the development and implementation of this policy, and we will work enthusiastically towards achieving our stated policy objectives. We will periodically asses our progress and where necessary review our stated objectives to ensure that this policy continues to limit the environmental impact of our commercial activities.

Wessex BPS Ethical & Sustainable
Procurement Policy

Our goal:
As far as is practically possible to source our raw materials and services from local and national suppliers that acknowledge their responsibility and commitment to the importance of Ethical and Environmental factors in relation to the products and services they supply. To never knowingly source raw materials or services from companies that disregard the importance of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Our targets:
Resources and Environment:
Wherever practically possible to purchase raw materials and services from:

Companies that use verifiable Sustainable Resources.

Production facilities that do not adversely impact the Environment.

Companies that acknowledge and comply with Ethical and Sustainability Legislation regarding the management of Natural Resources such as forests and the timber derived from them.

Wessex Building Products is fully committed to a program of Waste Management and Recycling. We commissioned the construction and installation of a Biomass Heating System which came on line during 2009. As a consequence the amount of waste recycled as fuel for our Biomass Heating System enabled us to achieve an authentic 80% reduction in our Waste to Land Fill by the end of 2009, coupled with the complete decommissioning and removal of our previous Gas Heating System. In addition we are also reducing the Waste to Land Fill of several other local, Ethical companies by utilizing their suitable waste as fuel for our Biomass Heating System. Our commitment to Sustainability does not stop here though.

Moving forward we will:
Increase the efficiency of our waste sorting/separation and convert elements of our waste for recycling into our manufacturing process in order to achieve an authentic 95% reduction in Waste to Land Fill by the end of 2011.
Regularly review our raw material suppliers to identify inefficient and wasteful practices such as excessive or unnecessary packaging.
Regularly review our administration procedures in order to achieve further reductions in the unnecessary use of paper.
Regularly review our manufacturing procedures in order to increase efficiency by further waste recycling into production and further stream lining of our manufacturing processes.
Reduce electricity consumption via the introduction of timed light switches in all little used areas and the elimination of electronic equipment being unnecessarily left on stand-by.

The Working Environment:
Wessex Building Products actively involves all employees in the importance of Ethical practices, reducing waste and Sustainability. We fully appreciate that our Goal can only be achieved by working as a Team with clearly stated and understood objectives. The voluntary commitment and contribution of all our Team members is vitally important in ensuring that our Goal is achieved.

The Directors of Wessex Building Products will continue with the effective implementation of this policy by:
Involving all Team members in regular progress reviews where knowledge gained is shared and agreed changes or additions to this Sustainable Procurement policy will be recorded and implemented.
Ensuring that adequate staff and financial resources are made available to assist in progressing our Sustainable Procurement Policy throughout the company.
Monitoring suppliers against the requirements set out in this policy and reporting progress.
This policy statement confirms Wessex Building Products commitment towards the ethical and sustainable procurement of all the companies raw material and service requirements.
The Directors of Wessex Building Products are fully committed to the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that this Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continued effectiveness as the company moves forward.

Wessex BPS
Health & Safety Policy

Promoting a healthy & safe working environment, Wessex Building Products aims to provide and promote, as far as is reasonably practicable, a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, contractors, visitors and others who may be affected by our work activity.

Our objectives involve:
Management of health and safety, maximising the contribution of individuals and groups through their active participation.

Communication of relevant information and instructions on occupational health and safety

Managing health and safety through key personnel

Training enabling all staff to make an informed and responsible contribution to the health and safety effort and thereby promoting competence in safe systems of work.

Producing site-specific local method statements and risk assessments

Using formal risk assessment and subsequent control of hazards during working operations to ensure the occupational health and safety of staff, contractors and visitors.

Monitoring Health and safety performance and report to the management

Evaluating the success of the overall health and safety performance and ensuring that any revisions are promptly brought to the attention of all staff.

This Policy Statement is made available to all staff and issued to them each year and brought to their attention by being placed on Notice Boards at the all Wessex Building Products working locations. Staff members are reminded of their responsibility to co-operate and take an active part on health and safety matters.

The Directors of Wessex Building Products are fully committed to the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that the Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continued effectiveness as the company moves forward

Wessex bps Risk Management Policy
To identify all potential risks to the Wessex Building Products business, to identify mitigation strategies and allocate ownership.

Effective Risk management is essential. The potential impact of strategic, regulatory, compliance, financial operational and physical risks relating to the company, will be considered and taken into account when formulating company plans and delivering commercial work.

Wessex Building Products seeks to operate in compliance with all relevant legislation

Maintain and review a detailed Risk Register to record risks and allocate responsibility

Review, assess and prioritise risk to probability and impact

Assess current risk mitigation and controls and suggest further / alternative cost-effective solutions

Monitor / review / manage risk to ensure continuous reduction in the overall level of exposure

Learn lessons and provide guidance to Staff on risk identification and management

Staff members are expected to take part and consider all risks associated with their work and to discuss any concerns with either the line Manager or Directors. Should staff have concerns that inappropriate actions or unnecessary risks are being taken by work colleagues; Wessex Building Products management operates a confidential whistle – blowing policy under which any report made will be kept completely confidential.

The Directors of Wessex Building Products are fully committed to the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that this Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continued effectiveness as the company moves forward.

Wessex bps
Social Responsibility Policy

Our Philosophy:

The Directors of Wessex Building Products are fully committed to the company acting in a Socially Responsible manner at all times and particularly in all of our interactions with our employees, as well as in all of our trading relationships.
Wessex Building Products and its Directors would never knowingly encourage or maintain any form of relationship with any individual or organization that pursues politically extreme, corrupt, criminal or other illegal activities.

Commercial Activities:
In order to ensure that our high standards of Social Responsibility are maintained the company will:

Always be open and transparent, acting with honesty and integrity in all circumstances.

Never purchase materials or services from companies that procure goods from countries known not to respect Human Rights.

Never purchase materials or services from companies whose activities are known to be in conflict with current Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility guidelines.

Do our best to ensure that ‘Fair-Trade’ goods are purchased where this standard is applicable.

Never work for Clients whose requirements are known to be in conflict with current Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility guidelines.

Ensure that our products are properly manufactured, safe and fit for purpose.

Ensure that our commercial activities contribute as much as possible to the furtherance of Economic, Environmental and Social interests, thus contributing towards sustainable development and a sustainable future.

Employees Rights and Industrial Relations:
Industrial Relations and Employees Rights and well being are of paramount importance to the Directors of Wessex Building Products.

Each one of our Employees is a highly valued member of our Team and to ensure that they are always treated with the dignity and respect they deserve we will:

Always ensure our adherence to current Employment Law and the implementation of all Legislation regarding the fair treatment and well being of all Employees.

Ensure that all Employees have a current Contract of Employment in line with current Legal Requirements with no unreasonable terms or conditions.

Respect each Employees right to belong to a Trade Union or other legitimate Employee organization and openly consult, discuss and negotiate fairly with these organizations regarding issues that are of concern to an Employee or Employees in pursuit of a continued harmonious working culture.

Never discriminate against any Employee or potential Employee on the grounds of Race, Colour, Creed, Social Origin, Sexuality, Gender, Religion, Legitimate Organisation Membership, Political Persuasion or Age and to give all Employees and potential Employees equal opportunities regarding new employment opportunities, training opportunities and Career advancement.

Promote the advance of sound working practices and procedures in support of a Health and Safety conscious occupational Environment.

Not be insular and will be open to positive suggestions from all Employees and aware of any external developments that may affect the company, and to maintain a transparent culture in which all Employees are kept informed and abreast of important information and developments affecting the company.

The Directors of Wessex Building Products are fully committed to the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that this Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continued effectiveness as the company moves forward.