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50° Curved Roof Dormer WBP:10700-06

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50° Curved Roof Dormer WBP:10700-06

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50° Curved Roof Dormer WBP:10700-06

50° Curved Roof Dormer 1070006

Code: 10700-06

Wessex GRP 50° Curved roof - dormer window surround. Structural window opening 1050mm high x 860mm wide

Wessex GRP dormer window roof unit provides the builder with a quick to install cost saving modern alternative to traditional building construction methods. The Combination of traditional on site roof tiling with the Wessex factory manufactured lightweight GRP dormer unit provides the best of both worlds. The dormer unit is factory finished and complete with internal stud framing, polyurethane foam insulation. The side walls and roof are manufactured with integral flashing / gutter details.

Wessex prefabricated Curved roof dormer units are manufactured from long lasting low maintenance GRP laminate materials. Complete with fully bonded treated timber stud framing to walls and ceiling. The dormer wall sections have 70mm polyurethane foam insulation providing a thermal U-Value for the dormer walls, of 0.30 W/M2 K-1, the roof has 120mm thickness of polyurethane foam providing a U-value of 0.18 W/M2 K-1 calculated in accordance to BS EN ISO 6946: 1997. For the inner lining Vapour check plasterboard is required. Maintenance of your Wessex dormer roof unit is not required apart from occasional cleaning to remove any dirt or grubby marks with a damp cloth and non abrasive household detergent. Wessex Building Products have been manufacturing dormer window roof units for over 30 years and found that dormers exposed to the elements and natural light for period in excess 10 years will not suffer any significant change to the physical properties. Life expectancy beyond 30 years can be expected

Installation of the Wessex dormer window unit must be carried out in accordance with the Wessex installation instructions

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