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Roof Turrets & Dovecotes

GRP Roof Turrets & Dovecotes at Wessex Building Products

Discover our exceptional range of GRP Roof Turrets and Dovecotes, perfect for adding a distinctive architectural touch to any building. Our collection, designed for both aesthetic appeal and durability, enhances the character of your property.

Why Choose Wessex GRP Roof Turrets & Dovecotes?

  • Durability: Made from high-quality fibreglass, these features are built to last.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: From classic to contemporary designs, our products add elegance to any rooftop.
  • Ease of Installation: Lightweight and simple to install, suitable for various types of buildings.

Explore Our Range:

    We offer a diverse selection of styles in roof turrets and dovecotes, ensuring there's a design for every architectural need. Each piece is crafted to provide a unique charm to your property.

    For more information or a custom quote, reach out to us at 01747 871232 or email


Hexagonal Dovecote
Hexagonal Dovecote with Replica Lead Roof
Product Details
Code: 12269
Louvre Roof Turret
GRP Louvre Roof Turret with Replica Tile Roof
Product Details
Code: 62291
WBP - 70101 Dovecote
GRP Roof Tower
Product Details
Code: 70101
WBP - 70102 Dovecote
Wessex Building Products GRP dovecote tower with concave replica lead roof
Product Details
Code: 70102
WBP - 70103 Dovecote
Wessex Building Products 70103 GRP dovecote tower with shallow pitch replica lead roof
Product Details
Code: 70103
WBP - 70104 Dovecote
Product Details
Code: 70104
WBP - 70105 Dovecote
WBP - 70105 Dovecote
Product Details
Code: 70105
WBP - 70106 Dovecote
WBP - 70106 Dovecote
Product Details
Code: 70106
WBP - 70107 Dovecote
Wessex GRP dovecote tower with OG curved replica lead roof - 70107
Product Details
Code: 70107
WBP - 70108 Dovecote
WBP - 70108 Dovecote
Product Details
Code: 70108
WBP - 70109 Dovecote
WBP - 70109 Dovecote
Product Details
Code: 70109
WBP - 70110 Dovecote
Wessex GRP Dovecote with concave replica lead roof 500 x 500mm square base
Product Details
Code: 70110


Frequently Asked Questions about Our Roof Turrets and Dovecotes:

What are GRP Roof Turrets & Dovecotes?
Decorative rooftop elements, enhancing the visual appeal and character of buildings.

How do I Install Roof Features?
Our products are designed for easy installation, suitable for professional builders or skilled DIY enthusiasts.

Can I Customise My Roof Feature?
Yes, we provide various styles and sizes to suit your specific design requirements.

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